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An Internship is a period of work experience offered by an employer to give students and graduates exposure to the working environment. Here Deepak Kanakaraju Sir is providing us an environment where we can learn something new and grow in our digital marketing career also to gain some knowledge from an experienced individual. This internship program is for 3 Months where he will give us some live projects and that’s where learning comes.

why am I so excited for this internship program?

So First of all let me introduce myself, I am Siddhant Sharma from Lucknow (INDIA) completed my Digital Marketing course couple of months ago from a well known person & one of my mentor Mr. Sahil Khanna Sir (You probably know him as INTELLECTUAL INDIES) and after that I have done some freelancing projects here in lucknow and I just got to know about DigitalDeepak internship program and I just enrolled without thinking a second thought because learning under a person like him is like a dream for me not just I enrolled in this course, I also forced my business partner and Co-founder of Aman to also enroll in this internship program.

You don’t have any idea how much you can learn through this internship program of digitaldeepak sir.

Let’s Understand MARKETING

(& what I’ve learnt about marketing in the first session)


We need to understand this concept of digital marketing, before you go and learn about digital marketing like Facebook ads, google ads, SEO and all, you just have to think what is the root of all, it’s just MARKETING. Without marketing knowledge, you can’t do well in digital marketing field.

As I am from a marketing background, I can understand this as per Phillip Kotler “marketing is about identifying and meeting human and social needs profitably.”

Suppose you got to know that how to run a Facebook ad or how to run an Instagram ad but you don’t know

who is your target audience?

when to run ads and whom to show?

how to market a product/service?

you can’t be succeeded in your digital marketing campaign unless you know about marketing concepts clearly. Second thing is when marketing a product/service, we also have to give some time on market research & proper planning/strategy of that particular product/service. You must have to clear your basic concepts like Need, Want and Demand, it’s the basic of marketing.


So if you want to make money you must have to understand it first & there comes financial education or financial knowledge. Whether you study today or you have to study it at some point of time in your life where you feel that you must know something about the money and finance and here comes that ECONOMY part of the first session of digitaldeepak internship program where he clearly mentioned about the importance economy knowledge for a digital marketer which I think is the most important part of the session also I am from a commerce background & I had that economics subject in my school so I can connect more and I felt it’s really very important to study about economy. At least you should know some basic concepts about economy like Demand and Supply and Inflation rate, about RBI and similar basic things.

Don’t be afraid it’s really simple, in today’s age of digital world you can learn anything at very ease, you just have to type your query on Google, that’s it.


You need to understand first that it’s not a one day or a two-day process to learn about marketing and finance you have to give proper time in learning the core concepts of marketing.

Core Concepts of marketing includes Needs, wants and Demands, target markets, Positioning and segmentation , offerings and brands, supply chain, Competition etc. So at least you should know these basic things.

See any kind of business requires marketing and some are the basic things which applies everywhere so you just have to gain some knowledge in that area. I think you have to choose a certain niche in order to do anything perfectly. Off Corse you can’t choose a niche at early stages, for that do experiments on different projects and then you suddenly find a niche that suits your interest.


After completing my digital marketing course I pitched a business owner that how can I benefit his business with digital advertising and I just called him and fixed a meeting and during the conversation I was explaining him technical terms about digital marketing like how can I grow him through Facebook ads or Google ads , and the interesting part is that he is not getting a single thing what I was talking about, that’s my mistake actually and off Corse meeting was unsuccessful because of lack of marketing and communication knowledge.

Communication techniques really matters during cold calling or doing any meeting I realized after that experience so what I learned from that incident & what you can learn from my experience:

  1. Always talk in your prospect’s language.
  2. Engage that person in your conversation.
  3. Don’t go technical.
  4. Use some business terms like business growth, profit percentage etc.
  5. First Prospect the client fully
  6. Use basic marketing terms like NEED, WANT & DEMAND

& you’re good to go.


Digital Marketing is all about marketing or you can say 80-20 means 80% marketing 20% digital knowledge, I think if you’re working according to this formula, you’re good to go in the field of digital marketing. As you know the scope of digital marketing is drastically increasing you can take benefit of it as early as possible. Also try to focus on one thing in spite of focusing of too many things in digital marketing as you know it’s very huge market.

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