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If you are selling your product/service to everyone, you are selling to no one. So, having a customer avatar is as important as your marketing. So, let’s first understand what is a customer avatar-

A customer avatar is a detailed profile of your ideal customer. With the help of this, you can reach your target audience easily and it would become easy for you to design and market your product accordingly.


Digital Deepak internship program is going pretty well and this program has given me a boost in my digital marketing career also when you have the guidance of such an awesome personality Deepak Kanakaraju Sir then everything would be amazing. The internship program is based on practical learning which is the best part also the team digital Deepak is also supporting and helping us in our assignments pretty well, so everything is going wonderful.

The second class was based on your target audience that how to identify and reach to your target audience, I have learnt that I don’t have to sell my product to anyone whom I want, instead, I have to make a survey that what is my average customer base and accordingly I have to make a user persona then design my product and market.

I also learnt an amazing thing which is a rule


Named as Golden triangle, which I think one of the best formulae for any content creator, blogger, marketer. In this rule basically what you have to do is first learn a skill, master it and then apply to your work and practice it fully then once you feel confident about it then simply share it to your target audience and become an influencer very easily.


For example, you are in the service industry and your company makes a digital product which is a course So here you need to understand this, everybody won’t buy your product/service. So to reach to your target audience you need to first find out your customer avatar or you need to understand your customer’s persona to serve better.

Now let’s see how to create a customer avatar-

STEP 1: First you need to collect your customer’s data & for that, you can use an awesome free tool which is Google Forms. There are also tools in the market but I prefer using this one.

Few Questions from my survey:

STEP 2: Once you have data you can now use that data to do your next thing which to take out a detailed profile of your ideal customer i.e Customer Avatar. You can also use your customer’s emails to create your email list for future use like email marketing.

STEP 3: Now your customer avatar is ready and you just have to design your product/service accordingly and market it.

customer avatar


CLARITY IN DECISION MAKING- If you have sorted out your target audience then it would become easy for you to decision making and also you will have clarity in your mind about your customer and because of this you can innovate your product more efficiently.

COST-EFFECTIVE- you would be wondering how it’s cost-effective but just imagine you have sorted out your laser-sharp target, now you have a specific market for which you have to create a product, now your ad budget would also decrease because now you can target specific people not everyone.

INNOVATION- As it would become easy now to innovate your product by adding something new or in trend. You can do so many things new to your product to make it more in demand.

LONG CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP- So now you don’t have to focus on too many things so you can maintain a long-lasting customer relationship by giving them what they want.


He is Abhay Sharma (My customer avatar) , He is a MBA student and his age is 27 Years and Weight around 60 Kg. He wants to loose weight and he is pure vegetarian, he loves eating various types of food as he is a travel influencer. He need a diet and workout plan for him so that he can achieve his fitness goal.

So now I got an idea that who is my average customer or most of the customers, & now I am clear what services i am going to provide to them and you can see it’s very easy to find your customer avatar and work upon them. See this whole process is really very important for any kind of business whether it’s product or service industry, without knowing your customer persona you can’t do well in providing them good service.