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You Must be Wondering How to Start?

I believe By the End of this Blog you will have a clear idea on Exactly How to Start Your Digital Marketing Career.

Steps to take as a Beginner.

And Save you Time by learning from my mistakes.

Because I Strongly Believe Time is Money right?

So… Should You Start an Agency of Your Own or You Already must have already done it?

I am telling you this because I also did the same Mistake.

Why its a mistake?

Because you have Zero Experience of Applying What you Learned.

After doing my Digital Marketing Certification from Lapaas Digital Marketing Institute and Company,

I thought I am ready to start an agency now and that was the moment I went wrong.

Just learning a Skill doesn’t mean that you have mastered it.

It’s just 50 % and the other 50% is Applying it.

How did I start Applying?

I Enrolled For the Internship Program Of Indias Top Digital Marketer

Digital Deepak

If You need a Mentor and wanna make your Digital Journey Easier just go to

He has so Many Valuable courses and Internship programs as Well.

I Believe it is One of the best ways to APPLY whatever you have as a Beginner is an Internship Program Under a Good Mentor.

Role Of Marketing

Digital Marketing Career

Marketing + Technology = Digital Marketing.

One of the Most Important Lessons that I learned from the first class of my Internship Program.

Learn to be a Good Marketer first Before Anything else.

Mastering Over Core Marketing Skills is all you need if You are Willing to Expand your Business or Start Another Business in Future 

Communication is also a very important aspect of a Digital Marketer.

Improve your Communication Skills So that you can Excel in all areas of life.

Improving your sales skills so that you can sell yourself and your Products well.

Pro Tip To Master Sales:-

People Don’t Buy Products, People buy Emotions

Learn to trigger the Emotion Connected to your Product and 

Boom! Your Product will go Viral.

Market Needs are Ever Expanding

Digital Marketing career

Market needs are ever Expanginding creating Ever Lasting Demand.

Thre are Infinite Number Of Niches Available.

You just have the Find out the Niche You are Comfortable Around.

It can be Your Passion Or Something You Love Doing.

But the most important thing is that you have to keep your Niche Saturated.

You Cant be the Jack of all Trades.

YOU must Understand People ONLY buy from Experts.

So you have to be an Expert in your Macro Niche.

Doing this you will have enough time to be an Expert Of your Niche in Less time.

Communication Is The Key Skill

One of the most important aspects of Marketing is Communication.

Communication Helps in Content Creation, Sales and Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur as well.

An Internship Program can provide you with a wonderful opportunity to Brush up your Communication Skills.

Tips To Master Your Communication Skills

  • Do it More, Communicate as much as you can Outside your Comfort Zone. 
  • Read a lot (30 minutes) a day minimum, starting from easy to complex books.
  • Listen to Podcasts(30 minutes) a day.
  • Write a lot, the more you write, the more you can write.
  • Watch TV series and Hollywood Movies without Subs.
  • Watch Stand up Comedy to Learn Culture and Slangs

Role of Personal Branding 

Best Known will always Beat the Best !!

It doesn’t matter how valuable you are if Nobody Knows You.

Stop Hesitating, Stop Judging Yourself, Its time Now to Execute.

 Your Thoughts, Your Imagination, Your Creativity.

Just put its Out there.

Stop Fitting In, Don’t be afraid to Stand Out.

Because Nobody is YOU, YOU are Unique.

Show Your Character, Your Personality On Social Media.

Your Lifestyle, Your Hustle, Your Up And Downs.

People Connect with People Not Products.

Put Different Pieces of Content On Various Platforms.

Benefits Of Personal Branding

Your Audience will be Relevant to your Niche.

They will connect with you at a different level.

Your Style, Your Tribe.

You Can Get a Job, Close a Client, Or Build Your Own Consulting 

Business With the help of Your Personal Brand.

You Can build your Community.

You can go to meetups and Inspire people.

You can go For Public peaking Which will brush up your Communication Skills.

Looking at People getting Inspired form you Boosts your confidence.


Follow These Simple Strategies:

To Kickstart Your Digital Marketing Career.

Master Over your Core Marketing Skills.

Marketing Skills Will Benefit in Any Kind Of Business.

Master Your Sales Skills, Learn to Sell Yourself.

Sales Are All About Emotions.

You Need to Sell Emotions Not Products.

Communication is The Key Basic Skill to be Mastered.

Read, Write, Listen To Podcasts A Lot More.

Communication Will Help in Overall Development.

Enrolling for the Internship Program is one of the Best Ways to Start.

Benefit from the Learning And Execution In Internship Program.

Internship Will Also Help in Building Community And Network.

Best Known Beats the Best.

Start Building Your Personal Brand Now!

Stop Judging Yourself And Put Yourself Out in Social Media.

Share Everything You can, But it Must Provide Value.

It will Open Door to Many Different Opportunities in the Future.

Knowledge is of No Use if it is Not Applied.

Learn, Apply, Share.

Stop Overthinking, Start Doing.

Lastly, I would like To Wish You Luck,

For Your Digital Marketing Career.

I Wish You Become An Amazing Practitioner in the Future.

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Lots Of Love 

Aman Srivastava(Co-Founderr At

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